Millers Point


Preserving Millers Point Heritage

Millers Point contains a unique collection of nineteenth and early twentieth-century properties. These properties are individually and collectively listed on the State Heritage Register.

Millers Point and Balmain from the Observatory

Millers Point and Balmain from the Observatory. c.1870-1874. State Library of New South Wales, Mitchell Library , ON 4 Box 55 No 220

Millers Point is an important remnant of the early port of Sydney and includes an extraordinary range of fine buildings and public spaces, which survive from the 1820s to the 1930s. This includes an important collection of Government designed early 20th century housing for port side workers.

The heritage value of Millers Point properties continues to be protected by the government. Conservation Management Plans are prepared for the properties prior to their sale and purchasers must comply with strict heritage conditions before undertaking any work on their properties, including maintenance, restoration or development activities. Refer to NSW Heritage Act 1977.