Millers Point

Resident relocation

The government recognised that some residents had lived in Millers Point for many years and would find moving to a new location difficult.

All tenants were provided options to relocate to more suitable housing, and special care was taken to make sure that elderly residents were appropriately rehoused and linked-up with support services.

Some tenants chose to be relocated to alternative accommodation in Millers Point or move to nearby Pyrmont and Glebe or the Eastern Suburbs.

From the Minister’s announcement on 19 March 2014 through to the end of July 2018, all 399 tenancies of Millers Point have been relocated to suitable alternative accommodation that meets their housing needs. Tenants have been supported in the relocation process by Family and Community Services (FACS), providing one-on-one support in finding tenants a new home that suited their needs and help them settle into their new community. FACS continues to support the remaining tenants in Millers Point to find a new home.

Supporting tenant relocation

  • FACS ensures each tenant in Millers Point, Dawes Point and The Rocks has a dedicated specialist Relocations Officer who assesses their housing needs, identifies suitable properties, helps them to relocate, assists them to settle into their new home and links them to services in their new communities. With the tenant’s agreement, Relocations Officers undertake visits in a six-week, three and six month cycle to ensure tenants are settled and supported in their new home and community. FACS covers all reasonable relocation costs.
  • FACS conducts a detailed housing needs assessment for every tenant at the start of the relocation process, which is also reviewed every six months. Family and support service providers are encouraged to be involved in the development of a relocation plan, at the tenant’s discretion. Vulnerable tenants have been identified and case management has been made available, so that extra care and support is made accessible. FACS has ensured that tailored support packages are available to each tenant.
  • Relocation Officers show compassion and sensitivity when working with tenants and are committed to ongoing engagement with the remaining tenants, especially the elderly and vulnerable.
  • Professional and confidential counselling services have been made available to all tenants who request individual counselling. FACS covers the cost of referrals to professional counsellors.
  • FACS has also coordinated, on a case by case basis, individual support to assist the tenants in Millers Point. This includes a range of government, non-government and private provider services through agencies such as NEAMI, Partners in Recovery, Health and mental health services, Aged Care Assessment Team and many others.
  • FACS has also engaged an occupational therapist that is available to carry out individual assessments for tenants who are made offers of accommodation. The Occupational Therapist has been used in 60 successfully tailored home modifications of relocated tenants.